Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fox Back At It

Fox News, The Greatest News Corporation of ALL Time, once again attempts to humiliate their guest who they assume is an irresponsible meathead. This episode of Hannity & Colmes on Fox News, The Greatest News Corporation of ALL Time and The Most Trusted Name In News, once again tries shovel excretion on their guests for propaganda purposes. Kevin Nash, pro wrestler, speaks about the Benoit tragedy and the rumors around it. Fortunately for the wrestling business, Kevin Nash is actually a pretty well-spoken man who tells it like it is. Although Fox (Greatest News Station) uses their same smear tactics and cutting off explanations, Nash holds his own and hands it to this propaganditute(c) of a host. Misinformation is the only thing that ever makes Fox News look good, until they're exposed on it. I also regret to inform that News Corp. now owns Wall Street Journal. Not that I read up on stocks everyday, but I found the recent headline, "Jesus Votes Republican," to be very catching.