Saturday, July 7, 2007

FTC Abandons Net Neutrality

Get ready for Netageddon, ladies & gentlemen. What does this decision mean for you? Well first, I'll delve into what Net Neutrality means.

As with most things in the United Sates, there are rules and regulations set in place. However, there is an exception that most people are familiar with but may be unaware of: the Internet. The term for freedom of the Internet is called net neutrality. Net neutrality ensures that all users can access the content or run the applications and devices of their choice. (Save The Internet). In other words, anyone using the Internet can view whatever he or she pleases without the service provider’s consent. This seems like a simple concept, but anytime money is involved, someone is looking to profit.

Net neutrality is more important than most may believe. If there is nothing to protect it, the Internet as we know it would be worse than we could imagine. Companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner all want to put an end to net neutrality. (Save The Internet). If net neutrality was ever to be removed, Internet service providers (ISPs) could limit what the people are allowed to view. Without net neutrality, the ISPs would basically take bribes from websites that wish to be accessed by users of that provider, and they would block competition all together. The fear is that certain websites that make large profits are going to be controlling the Internet and what people can and cannot view. The bigger fear is that for users to view certain websites, they would have to pay the provider extra, not to mention the cost of desired speeds for those websites.

Innovation happened online because the transport (the pipes) were largely ‘dumb.’” (Susan Crawford). The term “dumb” is referring to the relationship that the connection users had to the Internet was unbiased and free of propaganda: the means of connection has no relation with the connected. The costs of starting a website, if net neutrality was removed, could be unreasonable for many, considering all the extra expenses added to paying off the service providers to allow users access. Many of today’s huge websites started off small and gained popularity. If there is no room to start new websites, there will be less innovation and incentive. ISPs can prevent tomorrow’s Google’s, Yahoo’s, and Ebay’s, by adding fees to use the new websites. In a letter to the FCC on August 6, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association wrote that "Regulation is not necessary to ensure the competitive availability of Internet content, applications and services. Its only effects would be to deter investment, interfere with deployment and raise the costs of such services. (Newsdesk)

America is not the only country to worry about this issue. Violations of the principle of network neutrality occur in the censorship of political, immoral or religious material around the world. (Wikipedia). Although net neutrality should be upheld, many of the countries that deny it already have laws in place against certain websites that break their laws. But there are cases in the U.S., such as in 2004, a small North Carolina telecom company, Madison River Communications, blocked their DSL customers from using the Vonage VoIP service. Service was restored after the FCC intervened and entered into a consent decree that had Madison River pay a fine of $15,000. (Wikipedia). The service provider overstepped its boundaries and paid for it. Without net neutrality, service providers can do exactly what Madison River Communications did, and deny you access to anything they choose.

Many politicians have heard the arguments of net neutrality and have decided to take a stand. It has become such an issue that one’s election may be decided on his or hers view of the policy. There have been many outcries to protect this Internet First Amendment. Thirty Senators have been tallied on being for protecting net neutrality, and fifteen are against it. Fifty-two are unknown on their stance, and 3 are undecided. The Save The Internet Coalition has reached over one million petitions and letters from the average American. (Save The Internet). The issue is clearly gaining momentum on Capitol Hill and pressure on many politicians.

In conclusion, the removal of net neutrality will benefit big business, but raise the costs of Internet service to the average citizen due to lack of competition, or cause somewhat of a monopoly. The Internet is one of the best tools to find information in a biased or unbiased way. Without neutrality, many sites that provide these services may be handicapped because of larger businesses that do not approve of them. If you want freedom of the Internet, support net neutrality.

I hope you are now well-informed about the FTC's decision. I'm scared to post anymore, your I.S.P. may block this obscene site because of this submission. We should rendezvous at our underground headquarters if we want to discuss this issue any further.

End Transmission.

Fox Back At It

Fox News, The Greatest News Corporation of ALL Time, once again attempts to humiliate their guest who they assume is an irresponsible meathead. This episode of Hannity & Colmes on Fox News, The Greatest News Corporation of ALL Time and The Most Trusted Name In News, once again tries shovel excretion on their guests for propaganda purposes. Kevin Nash, pro wrestler, speaks about the Benoit tragedy and the rumors around it. Fortunately for the wrestling business, Kevin Nash is actually a pretty well-spoken man who tells it like it is. Although Fox (Greatest News Station) uses their same smear tactics and cutting off explanations, Nash holds his own and hands it to this propaganditute(c) of a host. Misinformation is the only thing that ever makes Fox News look good, until they're exposed on it. I also regret to inform that News Corp. now owns Wall Street Journal. Not that I read up on stocks everyday, but I found the recent headline, "Jesus Votes Republican," to be very catching.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Barack The Banker

"Senator Barack Obama
has reportedly raised a record $32.5 million for his campaign, making him the most caked up Democratic candidate. According to the Associated Press, Hillary Clinton, currently only has roughly $27 million, which gives Obama a nice little "money talks" cushion coming into the 2008 election."

I'm considering joining the political race. Although my background is a little non-existent, its better than the candidates who lie and cover up their shady backgrounds. That of course does not reflect my opinion on Barack, I think hes a gentleman, of course. I am a little ashamed to admit, but I may have fallen into the "Ron Paul 08" campaign. Hes a very intelligent man who looks at the facts and holds the government and people above himself. He also doesn't partake in the "Shower me with money, I'm a candidate" conventions. But enough of my slobbering, this goes out to you Obama, for proving any man can raise millions of dollars, as long as he makes promises we hope he will keep.

Wheres thy freedom?

As most people probably know, an officer's job is to serve and protect, not instigate fights and infringe on our amendments. I'm all for a good butt-whoopin' sometimes, but this is just an act of cowardice and they would not pull this kind of stunt alone and without a badge. Until we fix our corrupted systems, we will all be forced to watch 20 more Michael Moore movies about how completely backwards our society and its institutions are. I hope my viewers get the point, not all officers are bad, but it only takes a few bad apples to lose trust.